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Toyotomi Oil Tankless Water Heater OM-122-DW
Technical and Specification Page

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Toyotomi Oil On Demand Hot Water Heater Specifications
Model OM-148 Oil and BS-36UFF Water Heaters
Ignition: High Voltage Discharge Spark
Fuel Type: No. 2 Fuel Oil (Typical Home Heating Oil) or No. 1 Fuel Oil (ASTM D396)
Heat Rating: Hot Water Output 148,000 BTU/h
Fuel Consumption: 1.1 gal./h
Max. Hot Water Temperature: 155°F (approximately)
Water Flow Rate - Temperature Rise: 6.1 gal./min. (40°F rise)
4.8 gal./min. - (50°F rise)
4.0 gal./min. - (60°F rise)
3.5 gal./min. - (70°F rise)
3.0 gal./min. - (80°F rise)
Capacity of Heat Exchanger: 5.10 gal.
Fuel System: Tank (1)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 12-5/8" by 27-3/4" by 22-1/2"
Weight: 86 lbs - empty
Vent Pipe Hole: 4-3/4" diameter
Max. Length of Vent Pipe: 10 feet, 3 bends or less
Max. Length of Chimney: 26 feet
Electric Rating: 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz
Ignition - 110W
Burning - 98W
Required Accessories: In-line fuel filter
Temp. & Pressure Relief Valve
Flue pipe installation kit or chimney adapter kit
Exhaust Air Temperature: Less than 500°F
Safety Devices: Over-heat protector
Ignition safety device
Empty burning protective device
Heat exchanger bi-metal switch
Temperature fuse, Fusible link valve
(1) Existing tank or purchase tank from local supplier.

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