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Takagi T-KJr2 Tankless Water Heaters
Takagi Water Heater Venting options and accessories

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At just twenty inches high, and weighing only thirty-three pounds, the T-K Jr2 is the most compact unit in the Takagi line. Designed to produce endless hot water and radiant heating for smaller homes, The T-K Jr2 uses the same innovative technology as the original Takagi tankless water heater units - only on an even smaller scale.

Remote control unit to control water temperature of the T-K Jr2 Gas waterheater
Model TK-RE02
Temperature Remote Controller. The output temperature of the T-K Jr2 can be controlled with a TK-RE02 remote controller - The Tk-Jr2 comes with this remote. It allows output temperatures beyond the factory settings and shows error codes. The TK-RE02 also monitors incoming and outgoing water temperatures. The temperature controller can adjust the output temperature from 100°F (38°C) to 167°F (75°C).

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Wall ventilation terminator for the T-K Jr2 Gas Hot Water Heater TK-KPWL4-2
Model TK-KPWL4-2
The TK-KPWL4-2 is used when terminating the venting through a sidewall. Includes an outer sleeve wall thimble for penetrating through combustible surfaces. The louver termination acts as a bird screen, restricting small animals, pests, and foreign objects from entering into the vent system. This sidewall termination is available in three different sizes, to cover all ranges of wall thicknesses.

TK-KPWL4-1 for Wall from 4.2" to 6.0" with a 5.9" cut out hole.
TK-KPWL4-1 for Wall from 5.6" to 9.0" with a 5.9" cut out hole.

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Back flow preventer for the T-KJr Hot Water Heater
Model TK-BF01
The TK-BF01 Vent Damper prevents the backflow of air through the exhaust vent. This helps prevent harmful exhaust gases from entering the home, as well as helping to prevent the unit from freezing in areas where cold air can be blown or drawn into the exhaust system.
Click here for a TK-BF01 venting example

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Click this image for TK-TV10 installation instructions
Model TK-TV09
The TK-TV10 Direct Venting Kit can be used to convert the T-K4-IN from a conventional vent system to a direct vent (or sealed combustion) system. This is a CSA tested conversion kit. Install this conversion kit in accordance with Takagi's installation instructions and any applicable codes.

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ZFlex ZVent Venting Accessories for the Takagi T-K JR2 Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Z-Flex Venting
Z Flex Stainless Steel Venting Accessories with silicone free connections. See our full line of pipe, exterior terminators, elbows and more. Perfect for vertical or horizontal installation. Stainless Steel Venting is required for all Takagi Water Heaters (Exhaust Only).

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