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Bosch 520 PN Gas Tankless Water Heaters Buy

Natural Gas or Propane Gas On Demand Water Heaters built by Bosch

The Bosch 520 PN Tankless Water Heater is no longer produced - and there is no direct replacement

   Bosch 520 PN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater highlights:
  • 3.4 gpm at a 55° rise
  • Gravity vertical vent with 5 inch minimum pipe (B-Type Vent)
  • Side wall Vented with Optional AQ4 PowerVent
  • .5 minimum in flow to fire
  • Single use Water Heater for 1 major use a once
  • Instant - on demand hot water heater
  • The Bosch 520 PN replaces the Bosch 1600P and 125 B - though not exactly the same

Bosch 520 PN Propane or Natural Gas - Tech Info
BTU Input 30,725 to 117,000
Energy Factor .64+
Average Efficiency 78%
Ignition Piliot Light
Minimum Flow Rate 0.6 gpm
Capacity (gpm) 4.3 @ 45°F rise
3.4 @ 55°F rise
2.9 @ 65°F rise
2.4 @ 75°F rise
2.1 @ 90°F rise
Weight 33 lbs.
Dimensions 36 3/4" h by 18. 1/4" w by 10 1/2" d
Modulating Gas Valve Yes

AquaStar Bosch 520 PN Installation Specifications
Electrical Supply None Required
Exhaust Vent Size 5" (double-wall type B) or Larger
Exhaust Vent Termination Vertical
Gas Connection 3/4" Male NPT
Water Connections 1/2" Male NPT
Water Pressure Min: 30 PSI
Max: 150 PSI

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